Guess so, according to a story in the paper in Olympia, Washington.
Among the tips for avoiding angry buzzers:

  • Wear light-colored clothes. Bees zero in on objects that resemble their natural predators, such as bears and skunks, when they defend their nests.
  • Avoid wearing scents of any kind when hiking, including scented shampoo, soap and deodorant – even scented chewing gum. Africanized honeybees are especially sensitive to odors and easily provoked by them.

Main point of the story is to be on the lookout for groups of bees, this being a clue to a colony nearby. Messing with a colony tends to make the bees all Borg-like (though it would be an adventure to get your whole body covered by a swarm, as we’ve all seen on TV. Cool for somebody besides me, that is.)