I made another dash down to Butano State Park and did some more poking around on trails I missed Sunday.

I’ll just jump straight to the pictures this time:

One of six bridges

One of the crossings on the Six Bridges Trail, which starts out mostly flat, climbs up a bit and gets flat again in a mile or so. Unfortunate side effect: having that lame Eagles song, “Seven Bridges Road,” in my head.

Trees, fallen and otherwise

Fallen-tree architecture on the Six Bridges Trail.

A walk-in campsite

The walk-in campsites at Butano look pretty nice: all situated in a redwood grove, good distance between them.

Little Butano Creek

The Little Butano Creek Trail starts out flat, then climbs up the hillside pretty steeply for awhile then dives back down to the creek. Nice now, much nicer when the water’s running stronger, I’d imagine.

Pretty good view

I headed up the Goat Hill Trail to the Doe Ridge Trail and took it to the Olmo Fire Road, where I caught some nice sky as some of the clouds burned off. I came this way hoping the sun would burn the clouds off the beach, but no dice.

Impressive fungus

Saw this immense mushroom along the way, wondered if any of my wizened readers would know what it is.

Tree, sky, clouds

There’s one in every crowd.

I’ve taken quite a liking to Butano — something about the forest feels unfinished, up for grabs, like no species has established dominance and there’s no telling how it might turn out.