I wrote about Santa Clara County’s Healthy Trails Challenge awhile back, before it was possible to register for the challenge — which asks county residents to take five hikes in the next year, log the experience, mail in the log and receive some kind of swell gifts for completion (my guess is it will not be tequila shooters; sorry).

Well, now it’s possible to register online. This link has PDFs of the Healthy Trails brochure and and trail long. If you click on “Register” and fill out the forms, the county will mail a log to you.

Would’ve been nice if the county had added an online component to it, so folks could compare their results against other hikers in the area. Well, there’s always next year.

Though five hikes in 12 months didn’t strike me as an ambitious challenge, the county has put some challenging hikes on the list, including Grizzly Gulch Trail in Upper Stevens Creek Park and the hike up to Skyline Boulevard from Sanborn-Skyline County Park.

I feel an absurd urge coming on to hike all the trails in the challenge, just to set a good example, though setting good examples has never been a strong point of mine.