Melissa and I dashed over to Yosemite early Sunday (the end of Daylight Savings gave us an hour we had to spend). Didn’t do any hiking but did click a few choice images. The greatness never ends at Yosemite, and no two days are alike, even if you’re standing in the same spot.

Tunnel View....

For instance, Tunnel View has never looked quite like this before. Some controlled burns were contributing to excellent clouds-painting-the-sky action.

Sky, trees at Tunnel View

Another Tunnel View shot, looking up the hill toward Inspiration Point.

Half Dome and the High Country beyond

Half Dome and the High Country from Washburn Point along Glacier Point Road just up from Glacier Point. I guess when a piece of rock is this big, it has its own gravity, which naturally attracts the human gaze. Or something.

Merced River and the Sisters

A popular vantage point on the Merced River in the Valley does not disappoint this time.

El Capitan

El Capitan also has that strange magnetism.

Dome behind Olmstead Point.

This is the dome behind the pull-in at Olmstead Point.

Tenaya Lake

Arrived at Tenaya Lake just in time for the surface to become calm as a sheet of glass.

Snow dusting

A dusting of snow gets washed down the hillside in the mountains at Ellery Lake just east of Tioga Pass.

Rock face and clouds

More rock and sky opposite Ellery Lake.

Ellery Lake looking towards Tioga Pass

Ellery Lake looking west towards Tioga Pass.

I know this is quickie but I’ve been staring at highways all day and need to rest my peepers.