Back in January I posted some advice about how to get your soggy shoes dry again. Since then it’s been an enduring fave of wet-footed googlers. Yesterday this comment showed up on the post:

I have an innovative product that will effectively dry wet shoes and boots. They’re called Stuffitts. They are 100% cedar-filled sachets that you simply stick in your shoes/boots when you’re not wearing them, and the product removes moisture and eliminates odor. I’m a triathlete and have only been selling this product for a few months– having attended race expos and placing a few ads (see Triathlete mag). Great response thus far. Give them a shot.

Normally I delete such posts without a thought, but on a lark I checked out the link. Turns out it’s this guy named Mike Huebner making these shoe inserts on his own as a solo start-up, so I figured “what the heck, another for the ’boutique manufacturer’ list” so I let it stand. This morning, Mike realized his transgression against the Blogger Code (which is: no spamming your commercial interests in a community-of-interest site) and sent me a note of apology so I could remove the post. I thought that was cool enough to leave the post in place.

Mike also asked if I’d be interested in testing his product, but I declined, because I’m not really all that interested in filling my site up with gear posts (which would make Two-Heel Drive commercially viable and I simply can’t have that). I did recommended he contact the folks at, though.

If you’d like to test ’em out, however, drop me a line and I’ll put you in contact with Mike.