Lompico Headwaters is a site in the Santa Cruz Mountains the Sempervirens fund bought to prevent logging. It’s in the hills near Loch Lomond. Sempervirens has a couple easy hikes planned there:

Are you looking for a slow paced hike where you can enjoy the beauty of Lompico Headwaters? This is the hike for you! As Lompico residents, we will be honored to host you on this hike and provide time at the turnaround spot for photography (low light conditions), sketching, or just enjoying the wonderful solitude of Lompico Headwaters. Bring a walking stick if this is appropriate for you, and shoes that work well in slippery conditions. Please note: Due to the quiet nature of this hike, it is not suitable for most younger children or those looking more for a vigorous outing.

Hikes are at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, April 12, and May 31. Registration required. Click on the link above to sign up.

More on Lompico Headwaters:

The Lompico Headwaters, once called Islandia, is a 425-acre property where towering redwood trees rise from deeply incised sandstone canyons above the small mountain community of Lompico, California. Once an inspiration to rock musicians Jerry Garcia and Janis Joplin, who both frequented Lompico in the ’60’s, the Lompico Headwaters forest today provides more than an inspiration—It is the primary source of the community’s drinking water.

Sempervirens folks lead excellent hikes and really know their stuff. Should be worth a look.