Hiker Hell posts a Hiker What the Heck?

Park rangers are seeking information on a tent left well-stocked near the Twin Lakes area of Sequoia National Park, California.

The campsite contains gear, food supplies, but no information on the owner. There are no reports of overdue hikers, no abandoned vehicles and all hikers who were issued wilderness permits were accounted for.

Click the link if it’s yours or you know whom it belongs to.

Why indeed would somebody get into the wilderness to leave it all behind, and leave all that behind?

Here’s my idea: writer wannabe goes out there hoping the hills will inspire that book of poetry he keeps meaning to write. On the trail, he bumps into the beautiful daughter of a powerful marijuana planter who has an operation nearby. They fall in love but the only way they can stay together is if he joins the family business.

Before long he’s the head of a ruthless, bloodthirsty drug cartel, bopping around the world in his private jet to seal deals, punish rivals and corrupt honest public officials. But while he’s away, a studly young DEA undercover agent is closing in on his lovely bride. The illicit affair puts everybody on a collision course that ends with the DEA man shot up but alive, the bride taking up with a dashing federal prosecutor and the writer penning his memoirs from the Marion Federal Penitentiary, where he’s serving 50 years to life for murder, extortion and international narcotics trafficking.

Author rots in jail while the best-selling novel based on his notorious life becomes a huge Hollywood blockbuster.

(Yeah, so I watch too many movies).