Folks have been posting up a storm this week. Highlights:

Flirty n’ Dirty got some miles in down Santa Barbara way.

Knapp’s Castle(Snyder Trail- Knapp’s Castle- Snyder Trail)
(6.4 miles-if the run is completed)

Knapp’s Castle is a little bit of Santa Barbara County history. Built in 1916 by George Owen Knapp, legend has it was the site of many extravagant parties. When I was growing up, rumor said the mansion belonged to Charlie Chaplin, but I have since learned that he was a guest at some of the parties, not the owner.

Tom Clifton kicked up a little dust on the Pacific Crest Trail in Northern California, then started exploring the Great Northwest.

I started the day by heading up to Burney Falls State Park, just another place I had never been in California. I think I was the first one into the park that morning. I did a little loop around the Falls and took a number of photos. On the hike, I discovered that the Pacific Crest Trail cuts through the park and is only 500 ft from the Falls loop trail.

So I went up to the trail and walked about 10 yards along it. Just so I could say that I hiked a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail in December (and hope that I might get a mention on Two-Heel Drive).

Rick at Hike Half Dome, who sails for Chile on Sunday and reminds that today’s the deadline to enter his win-a-book contest, posts a Curry Village update.

The impact of the closure of 233 accommodations at Curry is huge. It includes a large number of tent cabins and many wooden cabins. Refer to your park map of Curry Village – or use your geospatial memory. The area that is closed is roughly south (on the cliff side) of the village from the trail that goes behind the swimming pool, behind the ice cream area and behind the amphitheater. Basically ALL the tent cabins numbered from about 24 thru the 200 and 300 series.

Rambling Rebecca helped restore some wetlands.

When I arrived at the Save The Bay nursery located at Martin Luther King, Jr. Regional Shoreline park, everybody was gathered around to receive a brief lesson about the bay wetlands and why they are important. We were also given our assignment for the day. We would be planting a few native plants next to Damon Slough (pronounced SLEW). Thankfully the leader pronounced it before I ever had the opportunity to publicly embarrass myself.

Finally, if you’re in a shopping mood, check out the Uncooped Gear Guide.