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Organize your gear closet on the cheap

Save money on shelves for your hiking-gear closet by skipping the high-priced home stores or household storage sections of most stores.

Check for shelves in the garage/automotive area of your local hardware store or Walmart. For example, these shelves from Walmart are easy to assemble, sturdy, slim enough to fit in most closets yet large enough to hold all those small hiking necessities such as bear vaults, cooking equipment, hygiene supplies, etc. These Walmart shelves are only $14.44 versus similar Sterilite shelves which cost $34.88.

Even if you hate Walmart, the concept still applies: storage supplies can be much cheaper outside the housewares department.

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Tom posted at 10:23 am August 12th, 2008

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  1. Bob says:

    Another cheaper alternative is to get heavy duty cardboard boxes. (Dumpster diving?)

    Remove top.

    Lay them on their side Tetris style.

    Duct tape or glue them together then load with your gear.

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