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Strengthen your ankles

Backpacker Sam H. added this excellent tip to the Lend a Hacks page:

  • Ever roll your ankle while you’re hiking? If so then you’ve either had the misfortune of injuring yourself in the process or coming very close. A quick and easy way to strengthen your ankles that takes little effort and even littler thought is something you can do every day. In the morning and evening while you’re standing in front of the bathroom mirror brushing your teeth, stand on one leg, feeling your ankle flexing to hold you balanced. Take turns on each foot to exercise both ankles equally.

Your hacks are always welcome.

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Tom posted at 8:18 am August 19th, 2008

Protecting your ankles

ScienceGuy288 asks: “I want to purchase a set of Merrells. Now, I personally wanted some ankle support, but the mid-height ones seem to go really high and limit your movement. Any suggestions?”

Good question, Guy, because “which is better, high or low tops,” is one of the great unsolved debates in the hiking world. I did some poking around on the Web this morning and found no clear, convincing evidence that high-tops provide a lot of ankle protection; some hikers think they make your ankles weaker precisely because they provide support, but I saw no science to back it up. They may also provide a false sense of security that encourages risky behavior, like seatbelts and bike helmets (both of which, mind you, people still use for obvious reasons).

Main thing is: do you really need that extra protection? Read the rest of this entry »

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Tom posted at 8:05 am August 15th, 2008