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How many uses for duct tape can we count?

Duct tape Duct tape is the universal hiker’s do-all. The most obvious uses:

  1. Patching: tents, tarps, packs, etc.
  2. Preventing: Blisters. Tape your trouble spots.
  3. Splinting: Help immobilize a broken bone. (I shudder to think of how it would feel to peel it back off your skin, though.) Best to know how to immobilize a broken bone first, though.

Duct tape advice known to hikers the world over: wrap some around your hiking pole and you’ll always have a bit ready and won’t have to carry a big roll.

I know the rest of you have some duct tape tips: click on comments and add yours.

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Tom posted at 9:19 pm August 25th, 2008