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Emergency blankets: extra warmth in a pinch

Sarah Kirkconnell left this excellent tip on the Lend a Hacks page.

  • Staying Warm When It Is Colder Than You Planned For:

    A couple years ago when I was first going UL I spent the night shivering, wondering if I would survive the night. My problem was I had a 45-degree bag and it dipped below 32 that night! I was utterly miserable. Lesson learned.

    I now always carry one of the disposable emergency blankets ($1-2 at Walmart or any outdoor store) in all of my packs, be day or overnight.

    Last fall I used it finally – I was caught in a snow storm with a warm bag but howling winds/wet ground. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tom posted at 8:08 am August 28th, 2008