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Know your knots

It used to be a pain to learn knot-tying if you didn’t have an Eagle Scout handy to walk you through all the twists. Books and pamphlets with diagrams were incomprehensible enough to convince you you’d just do something like tying your shoe in a pinch. These days the Web has tons of video knot instructions. I’m fond of a site called I Will Knot (less fond of the cheap puns but hey, it’s unavoidable). The vids are soundtrack free and straightforward.

A guy named Dan from someplace called Expert Village (great place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there) has crafted a collection of knot videos for advanced loopers. Dan sports a long beard, ties loops to his legs (and his piano’s) to demonstrate, and has a slightly junky backdrop that fairly screams “real live hiker and camper.” He also pronounces “bowline” as “bow-len” like all good sailors.

One more handy link: Seven knots every Scout should know.

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Tom posted at 11:54 am August 29th, 2008