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Lightning: don’t get struck

A lightning strike Numero Uno advice for avoiding a lightning bolt is to get your fanny indoors. Not much help for hiker types for whom being away from indoors is the whole point. Prime concerns:

  • Huge anvil-shaped thunderheads coming your way are lightning factories: bad, bad news.
  • Mind the “30/30″ rule: if you see a flash and hear the thunder within 30 seconds, you’re potentially in danger, and you will be for 30 minutes after you see the last flash.
  • Enclosed, hard-roofed areas with the windows closed are generally safe; convertible cars — and tents — are worthless.

Really, there is no protection from lightning as long as you’re outdoors. All you can do is reduce the risk of a strike: Read the rest of this entry »

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Tom posted at 11:14 pm August 14th, 2008