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How to hold a trekking pole

The intuitive way to hold a trekking pole — reaching through the strap and grabbing the handle — is in fact the wrong way to hold it. You actually want the strap coming down across the back of your hand, parallel to your wristwatch, with the strap between your hands and the pole grip.

I made this quickie video to show the right way and wrong way:

Note you have to reach up through the strap so that it comes to rest across your wrist — not under it.

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Tom posted at 10:56 am August 22nd, 2008

Water crossings: don’t go down the river

Creek crossing, Henry CoeA water crossing is often reason enough for newbie hikers to turn back and find a less obstacle-ridden path. I have abnormally cold feet but I manage to get across, which tells me pretty much anybody else can.

Not to diminish the danger: a wrong step can get you in deep doo-doo even in shallow water. From a survival standpoint your No. 1 concern is always to preserve body heat (hypothermia will kill you faster than just about anything but a grizzly attack or lightning strike). Water is body heat’s Public Enemy No.1, so walking into it is never a trivial matter, especially given Murphy’s Law of the Outdoors, which is: the harder you try to stay dry, the higher the likelihood that at some point you will get wet.

A stream crossing is just a way to embrace the wetness. On long hikes when your feet feel like they’ve been baking in Mom’s oven, a stream dip can be downright refreshing. A few things I figured out the hard (and wet) way: Read the rest of this entry »

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Tom posted at 1:39 pm August 16th, 2008