OK, after three address changes and one (probably permanent) career change, it’s time to get back to this business of blogging about hiking. Main motivator: Two Heel Drive has slipped to No. 2 in the “hiking blog” rankings on Google for the first time since I started it in October 2005. (Current leader: The Sock Site’s list of hiking blogs.) This humiliation must not stand.

I know a few of you are still milling around, stopping in now and again and wondering when I’m going to lace up and get some dirt-walking done. Well, it’s like this: where I used to have 50 hiking options within 30 miles, I now have two. The numbers get a lot better if I widen my target range to about 100 miles, but I need to work on my motivation. So how about helping me out with some tales of your adventures?

I noticed that Calipidder was back in the High Sierra and experienced the usual splendor (it’s like you could throw your camera up in the air with the auto shutter release set at 2 seconds and whatever you get is postcard quality, assuming you catch the cam before it smashes on the rocks.)

Also, props most go out to SmokyScout, one of my new neighbors down Charlotte way, who had a grand adventure in the Grand Tetons. Speaking of Carolina hills, Postcards from the Smokies is a worthy blog, as is the Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog.

(Hey, I’m feeling more motivated already).