A smashingly pleasant autumn morning practically begged me to take a stroll in Tanglewood Park and see how is autumn is shaping up (or down, it being fall and all).

Here are some of the images I bought home.

This arachnid must have had a cold night.

This bit of arachnid architecture was above our parking lot. I wondered how cold that spider must’ve gotten overnight.

Some of the color on the trails at Tanglewood Park.

Tanglewood does not get the kind of fall color that looks awesome from a distance. The farther away you get, the more gray/brown/blah it looks. But up close, it can be pretty bright and shiny.

One of the many trees at Tanglewood park.

I won’t bore you with the gray/brown parts — so these pics might make the park look notably more colorful than it actually is. In any case the leaves will all be gone in a couple weeks anyway.

Trees started losing their leaves a few weeks ago and many have no leaves at all, and some have not started to turn yet

This shot illustrates the point — the woods have a lot of pine trees that never lose their leaves, plus a lot of species that have already shed theirs, a few in full color and a few that have not turned yet. So, from a distance, not super colorful. But the observant shutterbug is never daunted by such details.

The kids enjoy a swingset at Tanglewood Park

The kids on the playground seem to appreciate the change in scenery.

This little chapel always provides interesting photo ops pretty much all year.

This chapel — site of weddings every weekend in spring summer and early fall — is always good for a photo op.

This is a bush that turns flaming red in the autumn

This is about as bright as gets in Tanglewood. This more bush than tree but it definitely puts on a show.

This is one tree with multiple shades of red, orange, yellow and more.

This one tree has an impressive range of reds, oranges and yellows.

Who can resist the urge to photograph the inspiration of the DA (duck's ass) haircut.

Over at Mallard Lake, local fauna demonstrate the inspiration for the DA hair-cut of the 1950s.

Nifty swirls nearby

This leaf been attached to the tree only moments before.

Mallard Lake seen from the opposite shore on the trail through the woods.

Mallard Lake is quite scenic if you take the trail through the woods on the shore opposite the developed area.

Another reflection shot

A nice reflection on the surface of Mallard Lake.

Tanglewood's asphalt walking trail actually had some of the best color in the park.

Tanglewood’s asphalt trail had some of the brightest color in the park.

Leaves falling at Tanglewood Park

Leaves doing what they do at this time of year.