Avoid these like the plague

Pat Churchill sends these along:

An old news editor of mine (probably quoting a revered source) used
to tell us “Cliches should be avoided like the plague.” The cliches that irritate me:

  • “Well positioned to take advantage of (an upturn in the economy)”
  • Captions reading “Blabla and blabla sharing a joke”
  • People who have obviously been sacked “resigning to pursue
    other interests.”Along with:
  • Take no prisoners
  • Given no quarter
  • Worst-case scenario
  • Mortifying experience
  • Gets the nod
  • Continue to monitor developments
  • Showered with good wishes
  • Brandishing a [sawn off shotgun]
  • Went the extra mile
  • Beyond his/her wildest dreams
  • A disaster waiting to happen
  • One thought on “Avoid these like the plague

    1. Take no prisenors and give no quarter! Worst-case scenario; continue to monitor developments. Showered with good wishes, this gets the nod, but brandishing a mortifying experience it was a disaster waiting to happen. Go the extra mile, which will be beyond your wildest dreams.