Dreams to nightmares

From Ed Hersh

  • I’m a former newspaper reporter, now a producer at ABC News, and
    have spent the better part of my career collecting bad TV cliches.
    In fact, I once produced a noon newscast on KYW TV in Philly on a
    July 4th, and it rained. I counted no less than THREE uses of “the
    rain didn’t dampen the spirits of…” during the first 10 minutes
    of the program.
  • Here are a few more:

  • …Only time will tell
  • It was supposed to xxx’s dream house. But last night, a fire turned xxx’s dream… into a nightmare.
  • Roads are slippery, so officials say if you don’t HAVE to go out… for gosh sakes, don’t.
  • Negotiations are continuing, but both sides say they’re prepared for a long strike.
  • “It sounded like a freight train,” said one terrified
  • People here say they’re hoping for the best… but preparing for the worst.
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