Off the grid

Tom Lemanski of Kildeer, IL, shares these gridiron groaners:

Your page inspired me to offer some football terminology. I like football

  • The one-foot line: no such thing. One-inch line
    is also non-existent.
  • Gutsy: Bold? Couragous? Surprising? Strategic? Innovative?
    Heroic? Anything! For a while, some sportscasters went with internal
    fortitude. Now Fox has brought us back to gutsy.
  • Adding “a” before every name reference: … a QB like a Brett Favre or a Peyton Manning. Further proof that less is more
  • When they measure for a first down by running the sticks and chain
    onto the field, how do they measure in the first place? They eyeball
    Then make a big deal of taking a closer look when they think
    it matters.
  • There should be fines or something. Perhaps fines would support a language abuse police force?

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