Raining 110 percent performers

Greg Wait has multiple irritations, probably the direct result of watching
too many local TV newscasts:

  • One phrase that always bothered me is, “Pouring down rain,” as in, “It was pouring down rain all week.” As opposed to
    what? Molasses? Sprite?
  • A distinction of language that many journalists seem to miss is
    the difference between “less” and “fewer.”
    More and more the word “less” is being used in instances
    where “fewer” is appropriate. The difference is simple —
    if you want less traffic, you need fewer cars.
  • And please, would everyone stop “giving 110%?”
    It’s mathematically impossible, and you’re making the rest of us look
    bad. 100% will be just fine.
  • In conclusion,” don’t tell me you’re finished,
    just stop talking or writing. I’ll figure it out. And no more “wrapping
    it up
    ,” as in, “That just about wraps it up.”
    If I hear that one more time, I’m going to drive down to the local
    station and rap someone upside of his head.
  • One thought on “Raining 110 percent performers

    1. How about the express lane in the grocery store for 15 items or less?

      Hopefully, someone will define just what this word means.

      “On the cutting edge” or “ahesd of the curve” meaning a technology that is brand new.

      “outside the envelope” has a legitimate use in aircraft. If the test plane is flown faster or higher than it is designed for, then it is flying “outsidn the envelope”.