Range radar

Ron Landfried requests an end to range roving;
to wit:

  • I’m tired of writers who use the shorthand “ranging from” or “everything from …. to…… ” to describe a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. Unless you’re talking about numbers
    ranging from one to 10, no one knows what’s between the two extremes,
    including the writers.
  • Here are the greatest hits from the Landfried Collection

    • Dec. 17

      New York Times: How could it be otherwise in a society that blatantly
      uses sex to sell everything from sneakers to beer?

    • Jan. 6

      Herald-Sun: The board went over a raft of proposals that covered
      everything from library funding to tax-collection rate accounting

    • Feb. 12

      Chapel Hill Herald: Efthimios “Tommy” Mariakakis served
      up everything from hot dogs to stuffed grape leaves in more than 50
      years of running restaurants here.

    (editor’s note: I believe these dates are 1996-97).

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