Rocking, rolling

From Keith Ammann:

  • When a recent double bombing at an abortion clinic occurred, I was
    reminded of something about bombs: Bombs ALWAYS “rock
    their targets. Of the three daily papers in our metro area, ALL THREE
    had some variation of “Two bombs rock abortion clinic.”
    Two ran the AP story, which used the word “rock” in the
    lead, while one ran the Washington Post story, which also used the
    word “rock” in the lead. And the night before, on the local
    news, the anchor woman said that bombers had “hit” an abortion
    clinic -then BACKED UP and CORRECTED herself, using the word “rocked”
  • The thing is, you never actually see a building rocking back and
    forth after being bombed. Usually it just sits there, with a big hole
    in it.
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