So-called style

Eric S. Harris calls the following shots:

Although I’m not a professional producer of journalism, just a steady
consumer of it (and sausage), I’d like to make a suggestion for your
“if I see this one more time I’ll scream” list.The word is “so-called,” when used in front of a legitimate
technical term or bit of professional jargon. It gives the impression
that the thing in question is not really a whatever-it-is.

Preceding it with “so-called” is essentially putting it in quotes,
like someone is trying to pull a fast one. Just because a term is not
widely used (yet) doesn’t mean it has no meaning to anyone. For some
reason, computer terms seem to get this treatment more than others:
so-called routers, so-called compilers, etc,. but not so-called NSAIDs
or so-called MAO inhibitors or so-called multi-vehicle accidents or
so-called meth labs or the so-called Drug War.

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