Spearheading the blue ribbon commission

Ivan Weiss will be glad to celebrate at the wake of these:

  • In the wake of:” How about “after” or
  • As many as” when used with a specific number.
    It’s totally meaningless. “About” or “an estimated”
    usually will do.
  • Spearheaded” for “led”
  • Underscored“: my pet peeve — It’s muddy. Emphazised,
    pointed out, demonstrated, illustrated, reinforced are all more specific.
  • Announced” for “said”
  • Blue-ribbon commission.” Dead on arrival at my
  • A pair of” for the simple “two”
  • Burgeoning:” Another yuppie trendoid buzzword.
    How about “fast-growing?”
  • Crafted” for an abstract concept. A wood-carving
    is “crafted.” Legislation is “drafted.”
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