The killer you know

Christopher Palmer, who probably lives in a dangerous neighborhood, will be prepared when the inevitable happens:

When someone commits a terrible crime, the neighbors always say, “He was a quiet guy who always kept to himself” (or some very slight variation). If my neighbor ever commits a crime, I’m telling the reporters, “He was a madman! He wandered around half-naked screaming obscenities! He had sex with goats!” (even if he was a quiet guy who always kept to himself).

2 thoughts on “The killer you know

  1. The likelihood of that actually happening
    to you is 1 in one million. You have a
    better chance of winning the lottery.
    But if does happen you better be real sure
    that this guy isn’t found innocent. (It has
    happened) Because your neighbor
    is going to turn into your Public Enemy
    No.1. Ha ha ha

    Fire Fly (JUST A JOKE)

  2. I dunno about that. Wasn’t that guy who was just recently charged with being a mass murderer said to be a “church going, extremely social, friendly guy?” Everyone was surprised because he was very active in church and so “nice.”

    The fact is i’m a shy guy & my whole life i’ve had to put up with people saying things like “it’s always the quiet ones.” I’m sorry that some of us are to quiet to be accepted by society :-/