They’ve got ’em in India too

Sidharth Bhatia sends these fresh (stale?) from the Asian Subcontinent:

I chanced upon your excellent site and enjoyed all the cliches. In
India, we suffer from the hangovers of the archaic English left back
by our erstwhile colonial masters, the Brits. While they have moved
on, we stick to Ye Olde hackneyed English. And of course, our hacks
have also developed their own peculiar phrases. Some examples:

  • The detenus flew the coop
  • Ministers air-dashed to the capital (they never fly, always airdash)
  • A favourite with ponderous edit writers: Needless to say (then don’t
    say it)
  • It ill behoves us
  • Culprits nabbed (a very common headline)There are many more, but let me conclude with this story of the editorial
    writer who was summoned by his boss and told to write 600 words on some
    matter of grave importance. At about 5 p.m., when there was no sign
    of the editorial, the Big man himself went to his junior’s cabin and
    found him lying slumped on his typewriter (those were the days before
    PCs), quite dead. On the sheet in the typewriter there was just one
  • “Notwithstanding… “
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