Treacly TV

From Jeffrey Whitmore:

Ban forever the wrap-up line so loved by TV news people:

  • “. . . and that’s what it’s all about!” It’s typically
    uttered (with a smarmy smile) after a heartwarming shot of an indigent
    family eating day-old bread donated by the corporate sponsors of a
    golf tournament in Palm Springs,Pebble Beach, or on the north forty
    of the Taj Mahal.
  • And do away with its sickening brethren:

  • . . . “but the big [or real] winner in the event was charity.
  • On reflection, Jeffrey added the following:

  • Soon after I sent the “charity” cliche I recalled another,
    possibly more cloying one. It’s the spunky lede that begins with a
    truism. Next comes an invitation to the reader to agree. And then
    comes the zinger. For example:
  • “Real gourmets don’t drink red wine with fish, right?


  • Another purgative worthy of banishment:

  • Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I just ran an “exact phrase” Hotbot web search on the expression
    and came up with 2,961 citations. For each of the many I checked out,
    I could readily imagine fifty billion or so statements that were further
    from the truth.

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