World-class pains

From Ed Geithner

When I was doing PR, I got into an argument with a client who truly
believed that the words “world class” placed before her product (software that helps design semiconductors) added some meaning. She
thought the same about “best of breed,” which I thought was confined to use by the American Kennel Club. Hmm, maybe she meant her software was a dog. She won both arguments when the check cleared.

My nominees for banning:

  • “(Fill in the blank) went terribly wrong.” It probably did,
    but I’ll strangle the next TV newscaster who says it.
  • “His life (or something else) was changed forever.” We’ll
    never know, since neither the subject nor us will be around to find
  • “A broad/wide range . . .” Ranges must be something else,
    if only writers take the time to find out what.
  • 3 thoughts on “World-class pains

    1. I worked with Ed Geithner at Data General in the 70’s and 80’s, starting when I was a mere plebe of 18, prior to him leaving to pursue other interests. Ed was fun to work for, and dedicated to his job. I am so sorry that I didn’t know about his passing till now. I used to catch up with him at the Sudbury muster while he marched with the Acton minutemen and always enjoyed reminiscing with him.