Meaning gone missing

A newscaster favorite:

  • “Today a child has gone missing,” or “The child went missing nine days ago.” Exactly how does one go missing?
  • What about “free money“? Has someone ever paid for it?
  • “It pulls at your heartstrings” – Not only a nauseating sentiment, but I don’t remember learning about those in my anatomy class.
  • It’s “a crime of passion” when a woman kills a man, but a “brutal murder” when a man kills a woman…
  • Two for the banished list:

  • Genre” and “circa” for over-use in the media.
  • Some other things that irritate me:

  • For free” and “center around” – WRONG! It’s “free” and “center ON”!
  • Regis Philbin’s famous, “I’m going to read you the question,” instead of “I’m going to read the question TO YOU.”
  • Thank you,
    Jennifer Grieco

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