Naming names

From Robin D. Best, news editor of the Henderson Daily News in Henderson, Texas:

There has been a recent evolution in sports news coverage and sports talk
show hosts.

In the last year, I have heard sports anchors begin giving commentary and
using single player’s names as if it represented an entire group or

“What the Dallas Cowboys are hoping to pick up is another Troy Aikman and maybe an Emmit Smith or at least a Barry Sanders…”


Thanks for letting me air this out…

2 thoughts on “Naming names

  1. *KP rolls eyes* (again) An excerpt taken from that site:

    There’s no question about it is a prolific cliche and deserves a special category all its own. This cliche runs rampant in the sports world and has begun to make inroads into political jargon. It

  2. What also bugs the heck outta me is when sports commentators say, “… now, if *you’re* the Cleveland Browns, you’d be worried right now…” or “if *I’m* the Steelers, I’d want to take a timeout right now.”