Not wholesome

Bruce Ussery offers:

For months now I’ve been noticing the phrase “whole new way” used numerous times daily in TV commercials, news stories, and print ads. I guess a “whole new way” is much more exciting and newsworthy than a mere “new way”. It’s a miracle we survived so long without all these whole new ways. I just did a search for the phrase using Google – 10,600,000 hits.

(Counting Google hits also should be banned … since nobody knows what the counts mean and nobody’s gonna make sure each of those 10.6 million hits is relevant. — tm)

One thought on “Not wholesome

  1. You can get a good Google count if you put the search phrase in quotes (and don’t use words Google ignores like “the”). A search for “whole new way” turned up “about 155,000” hits and a quick look at a dozen sampled pages from throughout the summary turns up a good hit each time.