Opinion rage


I cannot tolerate the use of the word “opined.” This generally appears in the news, E.G: “I imagine I’m stupid,” he opined.


2 thoughts on “Opinion rage

  1. Is your objection to the use of this perfectly good and compact word, or to its misuse? The example you give is one of misuse: “‘I imagine I’m stupid,’ he opined.”

    Either “I imagine I’m stupid” is an opinion or it isn’t.

    (I think it isn’t, being really a way of saying “I suspect I’m stupid.” But it could be construed, I suppose, to mean “In my opinion I’m stupid.”)

    If it’s an opinion (the equivalent of “In my opinion I’m stupid”), then it’s awkward to say “he opined,” since the characterization of the statement is already in the quoted material. It’s like writing, “‘Joke: jumbo shrimp!’ he joked.”

    If it is not an opinion, then “he opined” is inaccurate.