Sport some originality, OK?

David Tom’s wish:

I guess sports broadcasters have a tough time being original from game to game, and have simply given up! I do wish, however, that they would have “the presence of mind“– like the athletes they are attempting to describe — to think of something else to say whenever some ball-bouncer or puck-slapper acts calmly in a “pressure situation.” “Pressure” is not an adjective!

And no more headlines from the sports section of the local newspaper (or any other), like “San Jose Sharks Take Bite Out of Avalanche, 5-1″ or conversely, “Avalanche Bury Sharks, 5-1.” While not exactly clichÈs, these cute plays-on-words are scowl-inducing, and are of course to be found in all sections of all papers (e.g. “Violinist Plays Second Fiddle to Gifted Son”…get it, get it? I don’t).

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