Make up your mind

Eliza So is irked by:

Semi-vegetarian: Either you eat meat or you don’t. Why do people feel the need to add the word vegetarian when describing their various meat eating habits? To make matters worse, there are now oxymoronic sub-types
of semi-vegetarians like porco-vegetarian (one who eats pork), crusto-vegetarian (you guessed it – someone that eats crustaceans), repto- vegetarians; if I keep
going, I’m going to barf. But you get the idea.

Terrible twos: the stigma that comes with being a 2 year old is both inaccurate and undeserved.

The comunity has “opened their hearts and wallets“. Why do news reporters use these very same words in every other story that involves charity?

One thought on “Make up your mind

  1. Eliza So declares her dislike for the many modifiers of the term, ‘vegetarian’. Those modifiers are necessary because if you’re not an ova-vegetarian, a pesco-vegetarian, an ova-lacto-vegetarian, or any other type of prefixed vegetarian, you either eat meat or you’re a vegan. There’s no such thing as an unmodified vegetarian.

    (Yes, I live in San Francisco.)