And end to All That…

Joaquin Vargas avers,

I’ve hated this over-used phrase since I was editor of my high school paper:

  • “All That Jazz.”

This is used in headlines for articles that have anything remotely to do with jazz, as in “Sacramento festival has All That Jazz,” or “Local Students Play All That Jazz.” I want to punch something whenever its used in this way.

3 thoughts on “And end to All That…

  1. “And end” or “An end”?

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a very valuable service.

  2. If I see one more use of the word “loose” instead of “lose” I am going to lose it. e.g. “The next person to do it is going to loose some teeth” – which while adequately expressing my feelings is a bad example because it is almost right.

  3. The phrase ‘all new’ that is being used to describe television programs lately is getting on my nerves. Are there any programs out there that are half-new and half-reruns?

    Also, does the phrase ‘ripped from the headlines’ mean: we couldn’t come up with something original?