No just-ice

Bruce Williams writes:

Hi Tom, thanks for the site. “English must be kept up” as J. Keats put it.

My nomination is a phrase much-favoured by The New Yorker: ‘X may
just be
. . . ”

  • Some will not welcome it, but ignominious defeat in Iraq may just be
    the solution to Kerry’s woes.
  • Carlos Carlotta may just be the finest cross-dressing Hispanic cellist
    in this country today.
  • Or, still more cautious: Carlos Carlotta may just be one of the finest cross-dressing Hispanic cellists in this country today.

OK I made these up – it’s more fun that way. Besides, I’m aiming at a job on the Times.

One thought on “No just-ice

  1. You’ve got some great opportunities to pile ca-ca upon ca-ca here:

    “This may just be, quite simply, arguably the mother of all Dukes of Hazzard episodes.”

    (This was written before the show jumped the shark, of course.)