Baby please do go

Jeff suggests:

I’ve never heard of anyone giving birth to a full-grown adult except for in the Weekly World News. So let’s get rid of the “baby,” as in “She gave birth to a baby girl.”

2 thoughts on “Baby please do go

  1. Perhaps more strange is “she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.” I can imagine the doctors and nurses scrambling around, trying to catch the bouncing baby boy as it bounds around the room like a power ball.

  2. /pedant

    In this context bouncing means an alert, happy, reactive and therefore healthy baby boy.

    The alliteration and the rule of three make it euphonious.

    There is a fine line between pointing out meaningless phrases and just being a literalist curmudgeon.

    Do you also have a problem with “bouncy” when it describes a vivacious young woman?