Analyze this

Leslie Andres requests:

Please, please add “in the final analysis.
Whose final analysis? There are to be no more analyses at ALL??

2 thoughts on “Analyze this

  1. conflag. My good man, and I do mean it, Most of what you have noted is “as right as the mail”
    In the case of ships at sea, even small fiberglass ones, fire is not enough! It is a confaguation, no one no where will help, you fight/ you sink/ or you survive.
    This a term only for ships, boats, or whatever will float.

  2. I am amazed by the use of the word amazing.I must hear it 20 times while watching one hour of House and Garden Television. Are there no other suitable adjectives to describe good design, creative use of color. etc.? Do we use this word to avoid speaking or thinking in an entire sentence? Note: Awesome and Incredible are not suitable substitutes.