Cut it out

John Sturgill relates:

I find it really insipid when hair salons use a word play based on the word “shear

  • Shear Fantasy
  • Shear and Shear alike
  • Shearly gorgeous
  • Shear Illusions

Normally I wouldn’t post non-media expressions that annoy people, but this goes out to any headline writers hoping to be clever with the next story about hair styles they have to handle: if it’s lame on a shop window, it’ll be lame in your publication.

6 thoughts on “Cut it out

  1. In the small town where I used to live there was an affordable ladies hairdresser’s called Fair Do’s Hair Do’s. Cringemaking, isn’t it?

  2. Tangential, but there used to be a car-wash place in Oneonta, NY, named the “Wishy Washy Car Wash.”

    Near me here in Palm bay, FL, is a tattoo parlor that proclaims, “Refined Tattoos.”

  3. Here in the South, where a large portion of the population is proud to feign ignorance, we get worse salon names than those containing plays on the word “shear.” What we get in our small towns are establishments which are called “Kuntry Kuts.” Presumably they specialize in the rattail and the frosted perm. “Kids Kuts” (no apostrophe after “Kids,” but usually one before the “s” in “Kuts”) is another one. Klever, isn’t it?

  4. We had a ‘Hair Cuttery’ in our town. I guess along the lines of a bread bakery. My son needs to earn extra money by opening a yard rakery. Or a gutter cleanery.

  5. Rich, we have the same thing in Plymouth, NH. I loved it so much, I stopped on a busy road to take a photograph. that was years ago, though.