Mangan’s memoirs

Tech at its finest

So I click on this link at Editor and Publisher about the Denver Post’s new web site (more like a newspaper, they say), then I click on the link for the actual site and it won’t load. And I wonder: what is it about newspapers that causes them to buy crappy technology that drives people crazy? I’m hoping the problem will be fixed by the time you read this; all I can say as a cautionary comparison is that Knight Ridder did something similar to us ages ago and our site — you know, in the Cradle of Technology — still loads like a boot stuck in the mud most of the time.

Hi kids, this is the new playground

So I’ve been burning major brain cells getting this new blog to look sorta like the old one. There are about 10 million settings and just about that many available errors, and I’m pretty sure I’ve encountered every one of them.

What this means is, I’m taking the rest of my Sunday off from this silliness, and I recommend you do the same.

The basics on yours truly

Name: Tom Mangan
Location: Bay Area, California, USA

Line of work: Newspaper copy editor, page designer
Hometown: Peoria, Illinois

College: Southern Illinois University, B.S. in Journalism, 1987.

Employers since then: Southern Illinoisan, Tampa Tribune, Peoria Journal Star, San Jose Mercury News (current).
Married: Melissa on Dec. 28, 1991
Household: No kids; one cat, Floyd.
Online since: 1990

Operating system: Mac OS 10.3
What I’m into: Books, rock & roll, movies, classic cars, spectator sports, Apple computers, the Web.
Politics: Middle of the road.

Goal in life: Staying above ground.