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This copy dates to 2013.

These are articles I’ve written in the past year. A substantial proportion of my work is either locked behind paywalls or protected by confidentiality agreements, but these links give a solid overview of my writing style and voice.


Can You Spot These Signs That Your Boss Is Lying?

Excerpt: “Professional deception detectors look for a combination of subtle cues including facial expressions, body language and word usage to tell when somebody’s lying. While learning these cues won’t guarantee you’ll catch every fib that leaves your boss’s lips, they can clue you in when deception’s in the air.”

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5 Things You Should Never Put on Your Resume

Excerpt: “Which blunders will send your resume straight into oblivion? There might be dozens, depending on the job, but experts say these five common resume mistakes are most likely to derail your job search.”

Monster Working

Have ‘steady’ jobs become too risky?

Excerpt: “The same people who diversify their retirement savings across hundreds or even thousands of companies barely bat an eyelash at betting their livelihood on the fate of a single employer. Does this really make sense?”

Blue Ridge Outdoors

Rescue: Should outdoor adventurers have to pay?

Excerpt: “We live in a sound-bite culture that seduces us with remarks like “let the idiots pay for their mistakes.” This is the same mentality that says lion attacks strengthen the zebra herds, but there are two small problems: We’re not lions, and we’re not zebras. We’re people, and we take care of our own.”

Convince and Convert

How to Uncover Meaningful Social Data

Excerpt: “Call it the Analytics Effect: People get so hooked on cheap-and-abundant data from sources like Google Analytics that they ignore useful data from other sources.

Interesting as a concept, but does it really exist?”

Reputation Capital

5 Secrets of the Best Headline Ever Written

Excerpt: “Thirty years ago, something terrible happened in a New York City nightspot. Blood everywhere, a decapitated body. The newsroom of the New York Post got wind of this gruesome scene and one of its editors penned what I consider to be the best headline ever:

‘Headless Body in Topless Bar.’ “

How B2B Manufacturers Can Build an Army of Fans to Promote Their Products

Excerpt:  “Rallying fans to market your business’ wares works great if you’re Apple or any other huge company making products adored by millions of consumers. But what if you’re a B2B manufacturer with a client base that numbers in the hundreds or thousands?

It’s still doable.”

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