If the first question on your mind is “how much is this going to cost me,” then you might as well leave now. Because that means you’re fixated on costs when you need to fixate on benefits.

Imagine for the sake of argument that you hire me to write an e-book that generates 15 warm leads, which your sales team converts into one new account that generates $100,000 in profit. If I charged $10,000 for that e-book, you’d rake in a 10-to-1 return on your investment.

And what if I told you I’d be happy to write that e-book not for $10,000 or $7,500 — but for $5,000? Now your ROI is 20-to-1.

Pretty sweet, right?

Mind you, this is purely hypothetical. To get the best ROI, you need a well-thought-out content strategy, a savvy content manager and the support of your sales and leadership teams. Without a strong strategic vision and enthusiastic buy-in from your colleagues, you might as well blast your marketing budget into space.

You can always find hacks who crank out marketing copy for a pittance. Or you can hire seasoned pros like who understand your business and can help you make it grow. Or you can look for writers who are somewhere in the middle.

The hacks will deliver crap. It won’t cost much cash, but it will waste every minute you devote to publishing it. Don’t go there.

You can often find great bargains in the middling crowd. Writers with oodles of talent chronically underestimate the value of their work. The trouble with middling crowd is that they leave a pile of money on the table every time they work for less than they’re worth. That’s telling you they’re not savvy businesspeople.

As a seasoned pro, I’m in business for the same reason you are: producing the most benefits for customers while generating a healthy profit margin. I’ve helped clients in technology, finance, outdoor recreation, hospitality, public health, marketing, renewable energy, business liability insurance, heavy industry, forensic engineering and a few others that escape my mind at the moment.

Thus, I have the business grounding that too many freelance writers simply don’t have.

I tell people this every day: Sorry, there’s no going rate for freelance marketing writing. There is only the fee we find mutually agreeable. You have only so much marketing budget. I have only so many hours of availability.

Your fee gives you exclusive use of my time, talent and experience. When I’m helping you, I’m not helping your competitors.

If you want to work with me, it won’t come cheap. But it will produce value.

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