I’ve been busy buying a bunch of new toys (Mac iBook laptop, Canon A70 digicam), but I do have a couple links of note:

Hiawatha Bray of the Boston Globe has a nice piece on the promise & peril of blogging and the workplace. Bottom line: It can be good for business, so long as you don’t criticize the business, which can be bad for your career. Oh, and you should blog on your company’s behalf off the clock, not on the company’s dime. Another way of saying your boss welcomes all the free positive publicity you can generate, but you have to keep the rest to yourself.

Jay Rosen has a thoughful (if long) treatise on inside baseball and horserace reporting.

Mars rover lands safely. First thing I thought when I saw new pictures of the Martian surface: looks just like Iraq. You have to be a pretty hardened soul not to appreciate the coolness of one of our little devices crawling around on Mars.