Great matchup of two of the marquee quarterbacks in the league. (Hit refresh & scroll down for updates).

Fox just ran a skit of a pretend Rush Limbaugh gloating over putting the fire under Donovan McNabb’s fanny. Then a guy dressed as McNabb comes in and pummels him. Howie Long astutely notes the actor is a southpaw. Actually a bit funny.

Betcha didn’t know: James Brown of Fox Sports played basketball for Harvard.

Nice Fox piece on Brett Favre … a guy who’s been at his best when he can get beyond emotion and put his talent to work. He talked about being unable to think during the Oakland game, when he shredded the Raiders’ defense. Early in his career, Favre took huge chances that went wrong almost as often as they went his way. But he was always so damned talented, it was just a matter of getting his head (and maybe his heart) right. It’s the Michael Jordan-with-the-flu phenomenon … he plays better precisely when you think some distraction would, well, distract him up. There’s a parallel in photography I’ve noticed: if you want to get a good action shot, you click before the action happens because if you wait till you see it in the viewfinder, it’s over before the camera captures it. Getting the shot is instinctive, reactive. Success in sports is much the same.

OK, game time. Pack defense tough so far, forcing McNabb to burn a time-out. Three-and out, now it’s Favre’s turn. His first pass was nothing to write home about. ‘Nother 3-n-out. This is gonna be a brutal scrum that’ll probably go to the last series of downs.

Whoa, the ref with the fly stuck open was a hoot! (A Bud ad, not the game).

Favre’s playing with this splint on his thumb… his passes are looking rough. Advantage Eagles?

Know what? Coors Lite ads infuriate me because it’s the worst excuse for a beer on earth. That this weakass pisswater is even on the store shelves is annoying proof that propaganda works.

Whoah, Donovan chokes on a third and one! Fumble goes to the Packers.

Holy Shit! So much for Favre’s passes being shaky. He just passed for a 50-yard touchdown. Amazing.

Wild, McNabb just tore off a 42-yard run down to the Packer 15. Now the Packers defense has to think about McNabb running. Eagles are gonna have to settle for a field goal… score a moral victory to the Pack defense. Field goal misses.

Farve just did it again. Wonderful TD pass from about 20 yards out. Wow. 14-0 Packers.

About the only hope for the Eagles so far is that their defense gave up only one sustained drive in the first quarter. Usually if a team falls behind by two TDs in the first quarter, its defense has given up a couple of grinding drives and won’t have any legs left in the fourth quarter. Or maybe Favre will fracture his other thumb.

Well, that HP ad with the dolls on the city streets was way cool. But I wonder how many people thought it was an ad for Toys R. Us.

Eagles just got a crucial defensive stop … a long drive here would’ve been killer late in the game. Now, can they have their offense express-mailed to Philly in time?

McNabb nails a 44-yard strike, Duce Staley takes it in for the touchdown through a hole so big I could see it without looking at the TV. Talk about getting what they really needed when they needed it most. Hopeful turn for Eagles faithful.

Six minutes left in the half. Packers need to answer here at least with a field goal to prove they’re still in charge. Great run for Ahman Green down to the Eagles 4. Two-minute warning: Fourth and inches, Packers looked poised to go for the TD — a good call because even if they fail, they’ve got the Eagles pinned way deep.

Eagles defense holds .. a key stop that could be nullified if the Eagles offense can’t get something going (unlikely given the amount of time left: 1:47).