First half wrap: Eagles have a shot but haven’t convincingly stopped Favre. And they gave up a second grinding drive, which could be fatal late in the game (though the Eagles had a week off, so their legs might have something left)…. they stopped the Pack (mostly because Packers runner Ahman Green bumped into a lineman and fouled up his forward progress on fourth-and-1) at a time when the Pack was willing to be stopped. Favre and company proved they could get to the goal line just about any time they wanted.

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Now I see another reason why the Pack went for it on fourth and goal: they get the ball first in the second half. Ahman Green runs for 7 on first down. Gets another 10 or so on third and 3. If Green keeps this up, he and Favre could be fatal for the Eagles.

Wow, major sack as the Philly defense sends six guys. I won’t say Philly needs to score on the first drive of the half, but a few first downs would be huge. Donovan McNabb has been getting plenty of time to pass but his receivers aren’t getting open. So far anyway.

Eagles still can’t stop Pack’s runners, though they are getting some pass rush on Favre. None of that gets ’em into the end zone, though.

OK, I will say Philly needs to score on this drive. Otherwise the Packers know they can stop them. Hmm. Holding penalty probably dooms ’em. Whoah, think again. McNabb rifles a bullet for a first down, and lofts one for nine yards. Could this be the turnaround?

Holding call thwarts ’em again. Ouch. Completion to Chad Lewis for about 12 yards… looks like the Eagles might’ve found a chink in the Pack’s armor. Big McNabb run to close the third quarter, with momentum shift favoring Philly.

Whoah, huge McNabb scramble and pass to Todd Pinkston puts Philly in the end zone. Tie game, first play of the fourth quarter. Interesting start after a mundane third quarter.

Hmm, Eagles starting to look decisive on defense. Those big guys in the Packers’ offensive line might be getting tired out.

Ouch, that drive gave the Pack defense a nice rest. McNabb sacked twice. Favre and company get the ball back at midfield. Times like this are when Favre shines. And guess what: he make a 44-yard completion. First & goal.

Third and goal: Favre tries a shovel pass inside that goes nowhere. Field goal is good; 17-14 Packers.

Eagles possession goes nowhere. Penalty nullifies good field position after punts. A few Pack first downs could put the hurt on the Eagles. Third & short and the Eagles need a stop right now.

Green runs for a few yards and a first down. Time isn’t on the Eagles’ side now. Those big drives they gave up in the first have could be taking their toll now. Huge offensive line surge carries Ahman Green to another first down on third and 2. Eagles stop ’em at midfield.

Seconds slipping away from the Eagles. McNabb has the ball at his own 20 with 2:21 left. Whoah, Duce Staley pops off a 20-yard run. All the Eagles need is to get into field goal position for a tie, though the way this game is going, they’d be well advised to go for the end zone.

Holy Toledo! McNabb converts on fourth and 26. Now in field goal range, 34 seconds left. Hmm, McNabb makes a few yards on an ugly option play. Pinkston completion at the 20 with 22 seconds left. Scary throw into the end zone almost picked off.

Field goal unit on the field with 10 seconds left. 37 yard try straight through. Overtime.

Philly wins the toss and will get the ball first. Did I call this one or what?

McNabb stopped tree times in a row. Penalty nullifies nice punt return.

Favre throws an interception, Eagles return it to the Packer 34 yard line.

McNabb hits Todd Pinkston at the Packers 22. Pack’s in trouble now.

Duce Staley pounds out an amazing run down to the 15. Now the Packers need a miracle. Kicker David Akers is 95 percent from this distance.

Akers bisects the uprights. Eagles win 20-17.