Upcoming star vs. outgoing legend, ending about how you’d expect it.

The Favre magic wasn’t quite enough to stop the Eagles, but the Pack came extremely close. Eagles proved they are scrappy as hell and able to respond to having their fannies handed to them early in the game. But when they had the momentum going their way after evening the score at 14, they faded a bit. Not the kind of letup you want from an eventual Super Bowl champ.

Gotta figure they have a solid chance to take out Carolina next week, but I wonder if they can beat the best AFC team. Now everybody can hope for a McNabb- Manning matchup, which might create the kind of karma Carolina needs to pull the upset.

Gonna be a fun weekend, for sure. Not sure if I’ll blog it … probably won’t do play-by-play like I did this week; the constant updates throw my rhythm off. A fun experiment though.