The wireless experience: I’m on the porch, kicking back in my lawn chair. I can see the tops of the trees decorating the apartment complex. The sky is that perfect color of blue you see only with 50 miles of the ocean. It’s breezy and warm, low 80s.

I’m listening to tunes streaming from my CPU in the other room. Bob Dylan growling something about love gone bad.

The beer is made by Gordon Biersch, a San Jose microbrewery. BG makes life worth living — in moderation of course. Surest way to ruin your appreciation for a good beer is to drink a lot of it. You need that taste you get when you haven’t had one in a week.

Just another reason why people move to California but never move back.

Did I mention I’m on vacation this week? Got three days to get my brain ready for this presentation I’m doing in Houston. Blogging for copy editors.

Maybe it’ll be nice in Houston but it won’t be this nice.