In a little cottage overlooking the sprawling metropolis, we opened gifts.

Melissa’s mom went first.

Melissa's mom is just like her daughter

She’s quite like her daughter: all gifts of jewelry are welcome. (Melissa bought her a pinkie ring from a local antiques shop. I told her now she’s free to be in the Mafia because all the wise guys have pinkie rings).

The gift of victory

One of Mary’s gifts to me (in addition to many color pairs of socks she knitted) was this lovely Detroit Tigers ballcap, which I can wear with the smug reassurance of a Cards fan whose boys crushed ’em in last fall’s World Series .

The best gift of all: a season's worth of early '70s reruns

Melissa greatly appreciates a DVD full of M.A.S.H. reruns from the show’s first season.

A lighthouse

My dad & stepmom sent this way-cool lighthouse from their wintering grounds in Florida.

Now there’s nothing to do but appreciate all of our Christmas gifts.