When I posted the outtakes of 2006 last week I knew I was going to have to do some kind of “best of” round-up. Rather than zero in on the exclusively on the most stunning images of the year, I plucked one scene from each month that represented something memorable to me. Without further ado:


January 2006

Kathy Wimble, one half of the FOMFOK brain trust, prepares to uncork a bottle of bubbly for First Hike 2006.


February 2006

A brimming water trough at Sunol Regional Wilderness, where the winter rains had the creeks gushing and the trails oozing.


March 2006

Impressive rock, gorgeous sky on FOMFOK’s annual Pinnacles National Monument hike.


April 2006

A llama’s hindquarters at Henry Coe State Park, where I hiked 12 tortuous miles to Mississippi Lake, spent the night and wished I was the llama’s owner.


May 2006

Breakfast along a fork of the Coyote Creek in Henry Coe State Park, where I camped out as part of a Sierra Club lightweight-backpacking course.


June 2006

Campers watching the fire at Penner Lake, Tahoe National Forest, where I camped out with some kindly backpacking enthusiasts.


July 2006

Snow melts into Y Meadow Lake at Emigrant Wilderness, site of an overnight campout.


August 2006

Pinot something or other (or not, wine dims the memory) at Sterling Vineyards in the California wine country on another FOMFOK outing.


September 2006

A peak called The Watchman at Zion National Park, down the road from a small inn where we shacked up for a week. We have an enlargement of this shot framed in our living room.


October 2006

Alpine Lake at Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


Signs of the times

A shed full of park signs at Castle Rock State Park.


Clouds swirl at Mission Peak

Rain traveling through the Bay Area creates interesting cloud formations at Mission Peak.

Many thanks to all who helped make this another excellent year. Your suffering will be redeemed in the afterlife.